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Windows Live Mail contacts recovery HOWTO

1. Download and install Contacts Recovery for Windows Live Mail.

2. start Contacts Recovery for Windows Live Mail and select the "File->Find and recover lost contacts" command in the program menu or click the corresponding button on the main toolbar.

A Contacts Recovery Wizard window will appear.

Select the necessary recovery method. In typical situations, select the "Recover contacts by scanning the entire disk surface" option, since this method is the most efficient one, although quite time-consuming. Click "Next".

3. Select the Contacts.edb file or the drive where your contacts were stored (C: as a rule) and click "Next".

The file/disk scanning and contacts recovery process will start. The detailed log of the scanning process will be shown in the wizard:

Wait until the scanning is complete. You can interrupt the process at any moment by clicking the "Cancel" button. The found contacts can be saved to the hard drive. Once the process is over, the program will show a list of recoverable contacts that it managed to find.

4. Select the "File->Save recovered contacts" menu command or click the corresponding button on the toolbar.

The "Save Recovered Contacts" dialog will open.

Specify the folder that you want to save the recovered contacts to and their destination format. You can choose any format for the subsequent import of recovered contacts back to Windows Live Mail. We strongly recommend saving the files to a folder other than the one that you scanned. For instance, save them to the D: drive. Click "Save" to save the contacts.

Importing contacts into Windows Live Mail

Start Windows Live Mail and switch to the list of contacts

1. If you saved the contacts in the VCF format, click the "Import" button on the toolbar and select the "Business card (.VCF)" option.

A VCF file selection dialog will appear. Switch to the folder that you saved your recovered contacts in. Press Ctrl+A to select all the VCF files.

Click "Open" to finish the import operation.

2. If you saved contacts in CSV format, click the "Import" button on the toolbar and select the "Comma separated values (.CSV)" option.

The "CSV Import" dialog will open. Select the previously created CSV file and click "Next".

The following import wizard window will appear.

Check the field mapping table and make corrections, if necessary. Click "Finish" to complete the operation.

How to recover Outlook Express contacts

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